EMC Offers Virtual Tape Shredding

Feature joins disk-based backup family

Rearchitecting part of its disk library family to suit the requirements of small and midsize businesses and remote branch office users, EMC on April 17 unveiled its new entry-level disk-based EMC Clariion Disk Library.

Also, EMC announced a new virtual "tape shredding" feature to its disk library portfolio, integration with EMC Networker 7.3 backup and recovery software, and system support for the IBM System i platform, formerly called iSeries.

Currently available, the virtual tape Clariion DL210 system offers about 50 percent performance improvements at only half the cost of the larger Clariion DL310 Disk Library.

The DL310 will eventually "go away" but, in the interim, will still be supported by EMC, according to Jay Krone, director of Clariion marketing at EMC, in Hopkinton, Mass.

Krone said the DL210 will feature new software utilities and wizards specifically designed to simplify disk-based backup for smaller enterprises that tend to be more do-it-yourselfers.

The virtual tape box uses 500GB SATA (Serial ATA) disk drives capable of scaling from 4TB to 24TB.

Rolled out in April 2004, EMCs Clariion Disk Library family currently includes the higher-end DL710, DL720 and DL740 models. EMCs Clariion Disk Library line is undergoing a healthy growth spurt, having installed over 35 petabytes with more than 600 customers in a span of just two years, noted Krone.

To allow customers to better meet regulatory requirements and ensure that unwanted data is not compromised during or after backup processes carried out via connected virtual tape and physical back-end tape systems, EMC introduced its virtual tape shredding functionality for all Clariion Disk Library models.

The tape shredding feature is enabled through a command-line interface when a storage administrator deletes a virtual tape from a disk library.

Virtual tape shredding will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2006 via integration with Networker (formerly Legato) 7.3 with EMCs Clariion Disk Library family.

The component will be released near-simultaneously with Version 2.2 of Clariion disk software, Krone said.

The Networker 7.3 integration will allow a media or backup application to pinpoint precisely where a backup asset lies, whether it sits on a virtual tape or physical tape medium.

Clariion Disk Library support for the IBM System i platform will allow EMC customers with iSeries systems to improve backup operations and restore times.

The IBM System i platform support will encompass large-scale backup applications for the AS400 audience, including Veritas Software and Legato users.