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The In-Crowd

Worldcom's exclusive peering club posts rules

Catching the Bug Before It Kills

Pentagon would mine data to fight bio-terrorism

Getting Ready for a Power Play

Internet data centers won't go dark during California energy crisis.

Data You Can Take to the Bank

Sometimes, bad data can happen to good companies. As application service providers work to bring business intelligence to a wider market, many retailers and wholesalers are learning that their databases aren't always stocked with the best information.

IFS Unifies File, E-Mail Storage

Depending on which industry analyst or database executive eWeek Labs asks, we hear estimates that between 70 percent and 95 percent of the world's data is stored only in unstructured formats such as word processing documents, HTML files and e-mail.

Metagon Adds P2P Model

Data integration software provider Metagon Technologies LLC, of Charlotte, N.C., has added a peer-to-peer distributed processing model with its new DQBroker Extended Enterprise data access solution.

Storage Standard Shakeout

Spectra Logic plans forum to discuss competing specs for tape backup.

Buying Biz Smarts

ASPs chip in to cut data-dicing costs and time.

Storage Spans Atlantic on IP

EMC and CNT recently created the first storage-over-IP system that mirrors data across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sony Isnt Just Toying Around

In Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," hapless earthlings learn that laboratory mice have been experimenting on humans while deceiving them into believing the reverse.

EMC Takes the HighRoad

Tool directs traffic to NAS or SAN system

Understanding the Why of the Buy

What does it say about today's music when an album of previously released songs, some of which hit No. 1 nearly four decades ago, tops the charts?
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