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Worldwide Converged Systems Saw 9 Percent Revenue Increase in 2017

A lot of IT hardware is being sold: Full-year sales hit $12.5 billion, the first time the market surpassed $12 billion in a calendar year.

Startup JetStream Promises Painless Cross-Cloud Workload Migration

New company's Cross-Cloud Platform gives cloud service providers and Fortune 500 enterprises an alternative way to provide workload migration, resource elasticity and disaster-recovery-as-a-service across multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructures.

Why Backing Up Files Now Can Save Major Headaches Later

Start backing up everything you create now, if you haven’t already. Life happens, and you really don’t want something out of your control happening to all your personal digital property.

Pure Storage, Nvidia Go in Together on AI-Capable Storage

New AIRI package is powered by Pure’s standard FlashBlade and four Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputers, delivering four petaFLOPS of performance with Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs.
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Nimbus Data Develops World’s Largest Solid-State Drive VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Nimbus Data previews world’s largest (100TB) solid-state drive; and Google changes web ad policies to comply with EU’s GDPR.

Comtrade Software Relaunches as HYCU, Nutanix’s Data Protector

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HYCU’s top priority is to protect Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor-powered virtual machines and to provide surrounding functionality. It does this so well that the company has decided to go all in and name itself after the software.

Nimbus Data Previews World’s Largest (100TB) Solid-State Drive

While many existing SSDs focus on speed, the DC100 is optimized for capacity and efficiency.
Upgrade Aging Laptops with SSDs

Microsoft Announces Project Denali SSD Storage Specification Effort

Microsoft took the stage at the Open Compute Summit to announce Project Denali, an effort to develop a Solid State Drive specification tailored for flash storage in large scale data centers.

Cloudian Acquires Italy's Infinity to Combine File, Object Storage

Company claims that the result of the acquisition will be storage management that reduces TCO by more than 70 percent when compared with conventional multi-silo NAS (network-attached storage) systems.
Daily Tech Briefing March 13, 2018

Intel, Micron Develop Faster Storage for Data Centers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Faster, more durable solid-state storage is coming to data centers, and memcached DDoS attacks slow down as patching ramps up.

SSD Price Drop Should Spur Adoption in Notebooks

Suppliers such as SK Hynix, WD/Toshiba, Micron and Intel, have all put 64/72-layer SSD products into mass production, so the penetration rate of 3D-TLC architecture in client SSD market has a chance to reach 70 percent in 2018.
Ben Golub Storj Labs

Former Docker CEO Joins Blockchain Storage Platform Storj Labs

Former Docker CEO Ben Golub wants to help enable Storj Labs to become the Airbnb of the storage industry with a crowdsourced model for distributed storage.

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