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OneLogin Improves Access Flow in its Security Platform

Company said it has has completely re-architected its user authentication flow into a modular and extensible service.
SMS Texting Tools

Reddit Discloses Data Breach Due to Intercept of SMS 2FA

NEWS ANALYSIS: Reddit admits it was the victim of data breach in which employee accounts were hacked with a SMS two-factor authentication intercept.

Carbon Black: Product Overview and Analysis

As a cybersecurity innovator, Carbon Black has pioneered multiple endpoint security categories, including application control, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and next-generation antivirus (NGAV).
Cisco Duo Security

Cisco Expands Identity Services With $2.35B Duo Security Acquisition

Identity has become the cornerstone for enabling the multicloud world, which is why Cisco is bolstering its portfolio with Duo Security.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 1, 2018

NetSpectre Attack Remotely Exploits Spectre Flaw on Vulnerable Systems VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: The NetSpectre attack could enable remote CPU exploitation, and Panasonic rolls out thinner Toughbook business handhelds.
Bromium Secure Platform

Bromium Announces Protected App for Hardware-Isolated Security

Bromium is launching its new Protected App offering, which will help secure applications inside of a hardware-isolated virtualization hypervisor.
Ironscales Themis

Ironscales Launches Themis Virtual Assistant to Improve Email Security

Ironscales is looking to mimic the analytical capabilities of human security analysts to help organizations automatically identify and remediate phishing attacks.
Bug bounty 2

HP Launches Bug Bounty Program to Discover Security Flaws in Printers

HP Inc. is teaming up with Bugcrowd for the initiative designed to award up to $10,000 to researchers who discover vulnerabilities in the company’s printers.

Five Security Defenses Every Containerized Application Needs

Containers are increasingly being used by companies to deliver and deploy applications in the cloud. Here are five steps that companies can take to secure containers before they are deployed.
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Brings Web Authentication to Its Edge Browser

By adding web authentication capabilities, Microsoft says it wants to bolster security for Edge browser users.
AlienVault USM Anywhere Endpoint

AlienVault Integrates Endpoints Into Unified Security Management

Ahead of the company's pending acquisition by AT&T, AlienVault is now adding endpoint detection capabilities based on the open-source Osquery project into the USM Anywhere platform.
Daily Tech Briefing July 31, 2018

Oracle Launches Trust Fabric Initiative to Better Secure Identity VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Oracle brings autonomous security to identity with Trust Fabric, and Google embraces hybrid as a path to the future cloud.

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