Seven New Security IoT Products Technologies that Debuted at CES 2017

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Seven New Security IoT Products Technologies that Debuted at CES 2017

The internet of things was a big topic on multiple fronts at the Consumer Electronics Show including how to make it more secure. Multiple products designed to help protect users at home and at work were introduced at the show.

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Norton Core WiFi Router Includes Automatic Updates

Symantec's consumer security division announced the new Norton Core home security router at CES. The uniquely shaped device is actually a consumer WiFi router with embedded security that aims to protect all of the IoT devices that are connected to it. The device will provide consumers with automatic updates, as well as a security score to help gage home network security.

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Bitdefender Box Security Appliance Protects Consumer Networks

The Bitdefender Box is an integrated consumer security appliance that includes Network Access Control, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and data protection features. "The number of internet connected devices we own has increased dramatically, so has our exposure to hacker attacks," Ciprian Istrate, Vice President Consumer Solutions at Bitdefender said in a statement. "Now is the time to rethink the way we do cyber-security before we learn it the hard way."

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Synaptics Provides Multi-Factor Biometrics for Mobile Devices

Synaptics announced its new multi-factor biometric fusion engine for mobile devices at CES 2017. This biometric engine, which can be embedded into mobile devices by manufacturers, combines facial recognition with fingerprint authentication for security access. Users will be able to choose whether they want to be authenticated by facial or fingerprint recognition based on preference or environmental conditions.

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Arris Gateways Integrates McAfee Secure Home Platform

Home gateway vendor Arris announced at CES 2017 a new Secure Home Gateway device that integrates Intel Security's McAfee Secure Home Platform. The McAfee technology provides security protection for connected devices as well as parental controls.

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Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Key Supports Support Two Standards

Kensington announced its new VeriMark Fingerprint Key, providing consumers with a biometric device for secure online access. The VeriMark Fingerprint Key supports both the Windows Hello and Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) universal second-factor authentication (U2F) standards.

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Yubico Rolls Out YubiKey 4C Security Key

Kensington wasn't the only vendor at CES showing new security key technology, Yubico announced its new YubiKey 4C. Yubico claims that the YubiKey 4C is the world’s first multi-protocol USB-C authentication device.

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Ring Floodlight Cam Connected to IoT

Motion sensing floodlights are not a new thing, but having them connected to the internet? That's the promise of the Ring Floodlight Cam announced at CES 2017. The Floodlight cam is a WiFi enabled outdoor floodlight with a cloud-connected 1080p video camera. So now instead of a motion sensor light coming on, without a user knowing who or what triggered the camera, the video camera will show users exactly what's going on.

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Ransomware Poses Evolving Threat to Enterprises in 2017, Report Finds

Ransomware is a big problem and becoming more serious as hackers around the world target enterprises that are most able to pay hefty data ransoms and can't afford to be locked out of critical business data, a new report from security companies Trend Micro and Information Security Media Group (ISMG) reveals. The two firms recently surveyed IT leaders at more than 225 companies worldwide on their experience with ransomware. The results were sobering: More than half of respondents reported a ransomware attack in 2016, and a surprisingly large number of IT leaders have no idea how often their company is attacked. Meanwhile, new ransomware families are cropping up at a rapid rate, according to Trend Micro. These facts combined could create major security problems for companies in 2017, the firms say, which is why safeguarding corporate networks from ransomware is critical. In the following slides,...
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