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Zuckerberg Talks About Data Breach

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Promises Fixes After User Profile Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: Facebook users have to be wondering if they can ever trust the social network to protect their data after company founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that it failed correct a breach it had known about since 2015.
SoC security

Fidelis Report Reveals Most Security Alerts Not Triaged by SOCs

Security Operations Centers are unable to respond to most of the alerts that are received and lack proper metrics as well as security control integration, according to a study commissioned by Fidelis Cybersecurity.
AMD CPU flaws

AMD Set to Patch 13 Vulnerabilities Disclosed by CTS Labs

After being blindsided by a set of vulnerability reports that were disclosed without giving AMD time to analyze, the silicon vendor has now provided a technical assessment.

Study Finds Companies Lack Plans, Resources to Thwart Cyber-Attacks SLIDESHOW

An IBM-sponsored study conducted by Ponemon Institute shows that most company don’t have plans in place to how to thwart cyber-attacks in place or contain potential data and business losses.
Microsoft, BlackBerry Mobile Container Security

Microsoft and BlackBerry Team on Secure Mobile Office Productivity

BlackBerry's secure container solution supports Microsoft's Office apps for secure on-the-go productivity.
XM Cyber

XM Cyber Launches Automated APT Simulation Platform to Detect Threats

The startup led by veterans of Israel's intelligence community emerges from stealth with a cyber-security platform that aims to detect advanced persistent threats.
GitHub bug bounty 2

GitHub Paid $166,000 in Bug Bounties to Security Researchers in 2017

GitHub celebrated the fourth anniversary of its bug bounty program, which awards security researchers for responsibly disclosing bugs in GitHub services.
Daily Tech Briefing March 19, 2018

DHS, FBI Analysis Uncovers Evidence Russia Is Hacking Power Grid VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: The U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking the power grid, and Google enhances security management features in Chrome Enterprise.
Russian Critical Infrastructure Attacks

US-CERT Finds Russian Hackers Spent Months Inside Targeted Systems

NEWS ANALYSIS: A US-CERT report detailed how suspected Russian hackers broke into the networks of U.S. critical infrastructure installations and presented careful steps on how to prevent them in the future.
DDoS bandwidth keep Rising

How DDoS Attacks Techniques Have Evolved Over Past 20 Years

From do-it-yourself denial-of-service attacks in the 1990s to this year's terabit-topping memcached attacks, distributed denial-of-service attacks have reached new heights in sophistication and volume.
Android security

Google Play Protect Playing Big Role in Android Security Improvements

The security suite helped Google remove more unwanted apps from Android devices and its mobile app store in 2017, the company says.

Six Best Practices for Improving Identity and Access Governance SLIDESHOW

There are multiple things that an organization can do to improve and harden identity and access governance policies.

Multiple Zero-Day Bugs in Apple Safari Exposed at Pwn2Own 2018

A total of $267,000 was awarded to security researchers at the two-day event for disclosing new vulnerabilities in operating system and browser software.

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