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Google DoubleClick Event Looks at Future of Digital Advertising

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, will be one of the guest speakers at the annual DoubleClick event on June 4, which will explore the future of digital advertising.
Vint Cerf

Why Vint Cerf Thinks Net Security Should Go Back to the Future

EXCLUSIVE: Cerf on the IoT: "I am very worried about the [future] headline that says: 'One Hundred Million Refrigerators Attack Bank of America.'"

Microsoft Updates PowerPoint, Excel Online With Tell Me Command Search

Making the jump from Word Online, Tell Me now helps Excel and PowerPoint Online users find what they need using plain language.

EU Court Decision in Google Search Info Removal Case Appalls Analysts

Allowing people to seek removal of online personal information in search is the beginning of a slippery slope, several industry analysts told eWEEK.

EU Court Rules Individuals Can Ask Google to Remove Search Information

The decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union means that Google may have to remove old or offensive information in searches about individuals under some conditions.

Java APIs Copyrightable, Court Rules in Oracle vs. Google

Two years ago its case seemed dead in the water, but Oracle now can pursue its high-profile copyright suit against Google over Android's use of Java.

Google+ Social Network Won't Get the Ax

NEWS ANALYSIS: All the speculation and Web chatter that Google is getting ready to pull the plug on Google+ are groundless. Google's social network won't go the way of so many of its other experimental projects.
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Windows 8.1 Smart Search Receives Major Update, Gets Smarter

Microsoft updates its Bing-powered Windows search feature that does a better job of deciphering a user's intent.

Google Street View Can Now Take Users Back in Time

Google Street View is rolling out a new feature that lets users view and compare images taken over the last seven years.

Bing in the Classroom Now Open to All U.S. Schools

In a major expansion of the safe-search program, Microsoft is making it easier for American K-12 schools to sign up and earn rewards.

Google Trends Lets Users 'Subscribe' to Search Updates

Google Trends has added an option that allows Web surfers to subscribe to automatic updates on the search terms that interest them.

Mayer Pushing Apple to Replace Google Search With Yahoo

Apple has been using Google Search as a default on its devices, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would love to get that business for her company.

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