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Dell Targets Enterprises With Array of New Desktops, Notebooks SLIDESHOW

In time for the Dell Technologies World show in Las Vegas April 30-May 3, the company has introduced an array of desktops and notebooks with features, performance and pricing for Enterprise buyers.
Daily Tech Briefing April 26, 2018

Dell Builds Latest Business PCs to Handle Modern Workloads VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Dell eyes AI and security with its latest mobile and desktop business PCs, and Microsoft expands its industrial internet of things cloud portfolio.
Dell workstation

Dell Eyes AI, Security With Latest Mobile and Desktop Business PCs

The company’s latest commercial PCs are aimed at modern workloads like AI, machine learning and VR, while enhanced security software aims at quantum computing.

RSA Identity Products Chief: Why Authentication Should Be Invisible

It's all about how to integrate user authentication automatically into the user experience (UX), so that the user doesn't have to think about checking into or turning on a device in a secure fashion.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 ultrabook

Lenovo Creates Sleek, but Rugged ThinkPad X1 Carbon Business Ultrabook

REVIEW: Lenovo’s latest entry into the X line of business ultrabooks brings back the touch screen and improves performance as it moves to its sixth generation.

HP Pavilion 790 Packs Processing Power into Old School Desktop Design SLIDESHOW

HP has designed the Pavilion 790 as a traditional desktop that delivers powerful Intel Core i7 along with high-end graphics processors from Nvidia and AMD in an affordable package for consumers.

PC Shipments Continue to Decline, 1Q18 Market Reports Reveal SLIDESHOW

Industry reports from Gartner and IDC reveal that while some PC vendors performed well in the first quarter of 2018, overall PC shipments were down worldwide.

Latest HP ZBook Laptops Designed for Corporate, Consumer Power Users SLIDESHOW

HP has introduced updated ZBook laptop and convertible PCs designs that come with the latest Intel CPUs, graphics processors and high end displays to satisfy the needs of corporate and consumer power users.

Storage Array Maker Infinidat Launches Cloud Data Protection

New products include a 450-pound, ballistically hardened “data bunker” storage appliance and cloud-based data-protection software. The company had not been in the cloud-software business previously.
Windows 10 Polaris Desktop

Microsoft Readying Windows 10 'Spring Creators' Update Release

Several signs are pointing to the imminent release of the next major Windows 10 feature update.

Samsung Rounds Out Premium Laptop Line With Notebook 5, Notebook 3 SLIDESHOW

Samsung has extended its premium laptop line with two new Windows 10 models, the Notebook 3 and the Notebook 5 that give buyers a number of equipment options include Intel quad-core or dual core processors as well as dual solid-state drives and hard drive storage.

Acer Aspire S24 All-in-One PC Combines Ample Power With Great Looks SLIDESHOW

With its trim all-in-one design, high-powered features and affordable price tag, the Acer Aspire S24 PC has a good chance of winning some enterprise sales from market leaders HP, Lenovo or Dell.

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