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Rising Star Scality Launches Zenko Open-Source Cloud Management

A new data management package called Zenko 1.0 is the industry’s first and only cloud-native multicloud data controller. It was developed entirely with open source code.

Vertical Markets That Desperately Need an Edge Networking Strategy

This eWEEK Data Point article examines challenges that businesses across vertical markets face when it comes to the network and how an effective edge strategy can alleviate those concerns.

How New IBM Cloud Service Will Detect Bias in AI

Big Blue’s Trust and Transparency service also will help mitigate bias and show businesses how their AI systems reach their decisions.
Kace System Management dashboard

Quest Updates Kace System Management Appliance With Improved Security

The Kace Systems Management Appliance now benefits from two-factor authentication security and extends system management out to IoT devices.

IT Spending Forecast Remains Mixed Despite Overall Revenue Surge SLIDESHOW

Just over one-half of enterprise IT budgets will flatten in 2019, but organizations are still committed to updating their IT infrastructure while supporting tech projects and stronger cyber-security.

'Enough With Help Tickets!'—IT Prefers to Work on Game-Changing Tech SLIDESHOW

Constantly tasked to respond to user/help desk requests, IT pros long for the day when they can work on AI and other top innovations to improve their company's tech performance—and possibly even make the world a better place.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 13, 2018

Hurricane Florence Is Reminder of Need for Backup Communications Plan VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Hurricane Florence shows why a backup communications plan is essential, and Google's Cloud Access Transparency Logs are now generally available.

Unravel Data: Product Overview and Analysis

Unravel Data guarantees the reliability and performance of apps, maximizes cost savings (across storage, compute and users), and claims to improve productivity in a self-service DataOps environment.
Hurricane Disaster Recovery

Looming Hurricane Shows Why a Backup Communications Plan is Essential

NEWS ANALYSIS: There are still steps you can take to make sure your enterprise has an effective backup communications plan even as Category 4 Hurricane Florence approaches the Carolina coast.

Generation Gap: Millennials Play Larger Role in Enterprises' Tech Use SLIDESHOW

Millennials are more likely to recommend what kind of tech works best on the job—and they’re also more optimistic about their employer’s state of tech deployment/innovation.

How Alternative DBs are Disrupting the Conventionals in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: As AWS has scaled out, it now perceives a need for new-gen functionality inside DBs that are easier to manage, not as expensive to maintain, and more flexible in integrating and moving workloads.

Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward--and What To Do About It

Compared to where IT was a few years ago, effective and easy-to-navigate self-service analytics has become much more difficult to achieve. Kelly Stirman explains why and what enterprises can do about it.

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